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Silence marks his directorial debut

Dec 26, 2006 11:31 PM IST India India

Mumbai: Pushpak - India's first silent film in a talkies era was made by a Telugu filmmaker. With no language to restrict it, Pushpak was hugely successful across India.

Eighteen years after Pushpak hit the big screen, a new kid on the block is making a silent film that will mark his directorial debut.

Rahul Kapoor, son of actor Bharat Kapoor, is shooting a comedy titled My Daddy Strongest.

The film will mark a comeback of sorts for Kumar Gaurav who plays a scientist dad to a teenage boy who hero-worships his father.

Says Rahul Kapoor, "This is a regular commercial flick with lots of comic angles. The only difference is that it is a saga in silence."

Adds actor Kumar Gaurav, "I realised that you don't have to speak so much or be so verbose to get your point across. Looks, gestures, body language make up for a lot of things."

However, the absence of reams of dialogue to memorise wasn't exactly a boon for the actors.

Says Kumar Gaurav, "It's on the edge. If you overdo the acting bit, it falls flat and if you underplay it, it doesn't make sense, so it's like walking on a tightrope."

The crew behind the film is hoping their novel idea will be well-received when the film releases early next year.

A debut with a comedy film is a great idea, but a full-length comedy that has no dialogues - now that debut is something that is bound to leave the audiences completely speechless.