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Somnath hits out at the judiciary

Apr 27, 2007 01:24 PM IST India India

New Delhi: The legislature versus judiciary debate sparked yet again on Thursday. After Prime Minister Manmohan Singh it is now Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterji’s turn to hit out at the judiciary and issue a warning on judicial activism.

“The concept is judicial review and not judicial activism. The Constitution does not contemplate a super organ. Judiciary is not an overriding authority and no organ has the right to emphasise powers of another,” Chatterjee asserted.

Chatterjee's message at a seminar in the Capital on Thursday was loud and clear – he wanted no overstepping of boundaries.

Earlier, too, Chatterjee had lambasted the judiciary for encroaching in the legislative domain when MPs were expelled in the cash-for-query scam. This time around Chatterjee again sounded a word of caution for the judiciary.

“It's obvious that all organs of the state should act only according to the Constitutional mandate. They should not be astute to find any undisclosed power or source of power to expand its jurisdiction, which will give rise to avoidable conflicts,” Somnath said.

In the recent past there has been a public perception of the judiciary and the legislature being on collision course.

These differences have been in sharp focus when Supreme Court insisted that it had the right to review laws kept in the Ninth Schedule basket and more recently with regard to the stay on OBC quota in elite educational institutions.