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Stay connected with a mini mobile

Jun 21, 2006 01:14 PM IST India India

Ahmedabad: Fancy mobile handsets have flooded the market, but are they all user-friendly, specially for youngsters and the elderly?

Now, a new mini mobile designed by the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, with three simple buttons may just be the answer.

The three buttons can be assigned to any three numbers and the user can receive or make calls from the three pre-assigned numbers.

Two buttons near the top of the phone are used to connect or disconnect a call. The mini mobile has no SIM card, which means if stolen, it can't be misused.

Also, the absence of a display screen means no access to SMS or MMS. The phone though has to be networked to a main mobile phone.

Says Principal Designer, National Institute of Design, Pradyumna Vyas, "Do a majority of people use all the features of a phone? About 80 per cent of mobile users use just 20 per cent of the features, so why crowd a mobile with too many features. And then, there is the issue of misuse of phone facilities too."

It is this abuse of technology, that Vyas has attempted to address through this innovation.

Also, he felt that elderly citizens, school children, drivers, domestic helps among others just need to receive or make calls by a simple procedure.

There are other reasons. After the MMS scandal, many schools have banned mobile phones.

Harsh ringtones are irritating to the ear and the elderly find it difficult to operate snazzy handsets.

A years' work has resulted in the creation of the mini mobile and Vyas is now talking to handset manufacturing companies for commercial production.

"It is contextual use of technology. User-friendliness made me design this mini mobile," says Vyas.

Vyas' invention simply cuts off the scope of abuse of the cellular technology, yet it more than serves the purpose of a mobile phone - to remain connected.