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Kasab verdict: survivors still feel frustrated

Feb 21, 2011 09:34 PM IST India India

Mumbai: While survivors and residents of Mumbai who witnessed the 26/11 attack welcome the decision of the Bombay HC to hang Kasab, it’s not without a sense of frustration among them. They demand Kasab be hanged without any further delay.

"It is a good decision, but now that the decision has been made, he should be hanged immediately,” said Bharat Vaghela, survivor.

The Bombay High Court's confirmation of death for Kasab has taken less time than most cases. It took just two years and three months for the case to move through the lower and Higher courts, but survivors seem unconvinced.

"I think this whole trial has been like a theatre of absurd,” expressed another survivor.

Another survivor, Kuresh Zorabi says, "People have moved on. That is the way they are showing their frustration towards the government."

And though the prosecution was jubilant, legally the story might not end there.

"The Supreme Court might not take much time but the roadblock will be if he appeals to the president as there is a lot of backlog there,” said Mahesh Jethmalani, senior advocate.

But some victims want justice now, and don't want Kasab to be allowed a chance to appeal the verdict.

"People sitting in the parliament should make a law which doesn’t permit people terrorists to appeal in higher courts," said Eknath Ombale, brother of Late Tukaram Ombale, the policeman who nabbed Kasab.

Till such time, victims say, they will hope and pray for a speedy execution.

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