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When it comes to Agra commerce, brand Taj rules

Jul 06, 2007 10:12 AM IST India India

Agra: There's lots of music, hoardings, banners and even some decent looking posters. The campaign for Taj for New Seven Wonders of the World has reached fever pitch in Agra.

And for some reason if you miss this, there's a little bit of Taj just everywhere and you can catch it where you want - from Mehtaab Bagh to the the river bed, from the corridors inside and even peeping out of the traditional 'banta' drink carts.

So if you are in Agra and into business, the word Taj spells commerce. And for those who miss on that, you can always add a visting card with a mini Taj on the print.

Some others have more. There's Taj Restaurant and Beer bar just outside the monument's gate and another one close to it.

"It's near the Taj and it's called the Taj restaurant and so it seems like an undertaking of the monument's managing authorities. It's very profitable for us," says the vendor who owns a 'Taj' stall Rakesh Kumar.

A little away, Taj finds space on Rooftop restaurant hoardings - this one catering only to foreignors. After all, nothing is better than a slice of Taj for foreign clients.

"More tourists come here because of the Taj and the name makes it all the more profitable for us," says the restaurant owner, Begum Shabeena.

And there is more on offer in various forms - Taj Pan Products, Taj Trademark, Taj Handicraft Industries, Taj Art Bazaar, key chains and miniature Taj souvenirs to name just a few things.

The Taj Mahal is the USP of Agra city. It is also the city's most loved, most commonly used and most sold brand. Little wonder then, when it comes to commerce in Agra, brand Taj rules.