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Tech And Auto Awards 2018: Design of The Year (Tech)

Sameer Kumar Rai


Last Updated: December 17, 2018, 14:03 IST


The 2018 Tech and Auto Awards are here and it's time to look back at those who made a mark in the industry. Catch us live on YouTube today, 6 pm onwards only on News18 Digital Taking a look at some more categories for the upcoming 2018 edition of the Tech and Auto Awards, there’s plenty of competition to be talked about. Starting off with the technology, there are several possible winners for the Design of the year. Competing in this category is the Apple Watch Series 4 which gets a larger screen than before but keeps the size somewhat similar to the previous generation of the Apple watch. In its latest version, it is a treat to look at, thanks to the new watch faces that have been launched and make full use of the minimal bezels on the screen. That’s not it, the Apple Watch Series 4 also comes with new technologies like fall detection, which identifies when the wearer of the device has had a fall and is not moving, and in that case, it sends an alert out for rescue to your list of emergency contacts. Then, there’s the Microsoft Surface which takes innovative approach to a conventional laptop. Key design elements include the usage of alcantara fabric around the keyboard and also manages to sneak in the speakers underneath the keyboard. Add to that the fact that it is one of the slimmest laptops in the windows ecosystem and you have a one great looking laptop. This is followed by the Apple iPhone XR (Product RED) which is arguably one of the prettiest apple devices out there right now. It marks the return of the colours to the iPhone offerings and retains the metal and glass build giving the phone a premium look and feel. And since it is a Product (RED) offering, every device that is sold, a portion of the money goes to charity too. The other smartphone competing with the Apple iPhone XR (Product RED) is the Oppo Find X that took innovation in the smartphone space to the next level. What the Oppo Find X offers is a mechanical camera that pops out every time you open the camera application and that makes this one of the first phones to have moving mechanical parts. Also, what this enables Oppo to do is that they’ve managed to attain a whopping 93.8 percent screen to body ratio that makes the phone feel like a big screen in hand as there’s no space being taken up by cameras at the front. And finally, there’s the Dyson V10 Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner. Yes, it’s a vacuum cleaner but it not an ordinary one. The Dyson V10 Cyclone is the most powerful vacuum cleaner ever and has 14 cyclones that work in tandem with the powerful motor on board. How powerful? Well, the motor spins faster than a formula 1 car’s engine and that combined with the straight line design makes the Cyclone v10 not only look good but also extremely efficient. Make sure you vote for your favourite design of the year for technology at news18.com.