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Beyond borders: India fighting high-tech enemy on LoC

Aug 19, 2009 05:48 PM IST India India

Jammu: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said India's forces needs sophisticated equipment, expressing concerns over cross border infiltration. Militants are turning to advanced technology and India is fighting a high-tech enemy on the Line of Control.

These GPS sets recovered in Poonch are some of the latest tools used by infiltrators. Security forces say militant outfits are increasingly using advanced technology, this as they try to sneak in before winter sets in.

"We are seeing that they are increasingly using GPS systems and high tech satellite phones now," said Defence Spokesperson, Lt Colonel Bilap Nath.

"They use GPS systems which reduces their dependability on local guides," said Major Rahul Slathia.

Infiltrators are also using night vision devices to navigate in fog and low light. They are making use of advanced satellite phones.

"These are Israeli made satellite phone which have all facilities of direction and timing. They use night vision devices of which we have got records in interrogation," said Lt Col Nath.

Earlier, security forces recovered palm tops used by militants, which had code sheets and maps. Clearly, the infiltration bids getting more technological help.

In the last two months, Jammu and Kahsmir has seen a sudden spurt in infiltration attempts. Even as security measures are being increased, the challenge is that the enemy too is well equipped and desperate to strike.

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