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Terrorists innovate, use light-sensitive bombs in J-K

Aug 21, 2009 09:20 AM IST India India

Jammu: In Kashmir terrorists are innovating to disguise and explode bombs.

Some of the bombs are shaped like notebooks, dolls or table lamps and the improvised explosive devices being used by the terrorists are getting quite ingenious.

There are light-sensitive devices which explode with the first light of the day and devices with night sensors that are triggered when darkness falls.

"Terrorists use IED's a lot because it's easy to target and kill many people in less time," says Naik Manohar Lal, instructor at the Core Battle School in Sarol near Rajouri.

The Army says IED s with delay mechanisms or remote controls are most preferred. These help the terrorists get away easily and it is a strategy which the security forces are now countering.

"We use metal detectors to detect IED's which contain metal in them. For time devised IED's, we use an electronic stethoscope which is apt to detect it," says Naik Lal.

As terrorists keep getting more innovative, the Army needs to come up with new ideas to counter them.

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