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22:28 PM December 20, 2006

New Delhi: Jessica's Lall's killers are behind bars and now it’s the turn of those who tried to kill the case. The Delhi High Court has summoned in person all those who changed their police statement in the trial court. Witness I Shayan Munshi: It was Munshi who had lodged an FIR against Manu Sharma and then retracted saying he could not read Hindi and hence did not know what the police wrote in the FIR. Shayan also introduced the two gun theory which led to Manu's acquittal. Witness II Shiv Das: Electrician of Tamarind Court and PW-IV Karan Rajput who was present in the party that night, had testified to discredit Bina Ramani's statement. The trial court had acquitted Manu on the basis of their testimony. The high court, however, considered Bina to be the star witness. All 29 will have to reply to the notice by February 1, 2007 and while they have a lot of explaining to do, the police officers, who investigated the case in 1999, also have their task cut out. SIT has submitted in its report that there was deliberate negligence of duty by probe officers to favour the accused. Surrender Sharma – for not taking photograph of the crime scene, and not noting down the number of Manu's Tata Safari. Raman Lamba – guilty of staging the surrender of Manu Sharma and making no efforts to either arrest him or collect incriminating evidence against him. ADCP Vivek Gogia – for writing to the Center for Forensic Science Laboratory asking if two guns were used. Former Joint Commissioner of Police Amod Kanth said, “The judgement has vindicated the effort of my team these are deliberate misreporting. " Hearing on the SIT's report will begin in the high court in January 2007.