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Two Women Devotees Under 50 Prayed At Sabarimala Temple

January 02, 2019, 11:20 ISTIndia

Two women of menstrual age group visited Sabarimala Ayyappa temple this morning and got darshan of the Lord. Kozhikode Koyilandi native Bindu and Malappuram Angadippuram native Kanakadurga, who also attempted to trek Sabarimala a few days back, has said that they had darshan of the Lord on Wednesday at 3.30 am. Bindu told media that the police helped them have darshan in their second journey. They also said that they faced minor protests during the journey and no namajapa protest were seen. Bindu added that they had darshan through the VIP lounge and not by ascending the 18 holy steps. They set out from Pampa at 1.30 am and had darshan by 3.30 am. Bindu also claimed that the police did not attempt to send them back and also provided them complete protection. Bindu added that they went to the temple in women's attire itself and they were not shielded by the devotees.