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Were there UFOs over PM's house?

Mar 14, 2007 09:29 PM IST India India

New Delhi: Were there some unidentified flying objects over Delhi last Wednesday or was it a security lapse near the Prime Minister's residence?

On March 7, 2007, air traffic control radars in Delhi picked up two unidentified flying objects over Delhi moving northwest to south between 0930 hours and 1000 hours (IST).

While the ATC was alarmed by the sightings, the Air Force did not scramble its jets to intercept the flying objects as per the security protocol even though the breach of air space happened at a time when air traffic was at its peak. Security experts say the objects might have involved a serious threat to civilian air traffic.

And eight days later, no one really knows if they were birds or planes or kites. ATC officials say the objects were too slow moving to be aircraft. The Air Force says they could have been migratory birds. A radar malfunction has also been not ruled out.

But the incident has raised serious security concerns as the two unidentified flying objects were detected very close to the Prime Minister's residence.

Sources told CNN-IBN that both the objects were flying seven miles apart. They flew over Safdarjung before heading east and vanishing off the radar. Both the ATC and the Air Force tried to establish radio contact, but failed.

The UFOs flew just above the Safdarjung Airport. But what has raised serious concern in the security establishment is the fact that the Prime Minister's house is just 2 km from the spot and so are the other high-security areas.

The Air Force says it was informed about the radar trace only when the objects were within 5 nautical miles of Safdarjung. They vanished from the radar 3 minutes after crossing Safdarjung.

The Civil Aviation Ministry says there are no reports of unidentified flying objects over Delhi. The Air Force has already conducted an enquiry into this incident, but it had no clear answers to any of the questions.