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Uttarakhand: Many use the social media to search for their loved ones

Jun 22, 2013 08:54 AM IST India India

New Delhi: While rescue teams search for people in different parts of Uttarakhand, many people are also using social media to get information about their loved ones. A lot of photographs and helpline numbers have been uploaded on websites like Google and Facebook.

Social media has brought people together in this hour of tragedy - to help them locate missing family members. The clamour for help has now spread to Google spreadsheets. Hundreds of people have begun updating the spreadsheet with information about their loved ones hoping to get leads. Others have added helpline numbers and links to Government websites.

Not just that search engine, Google has also made finding your loved ones much easier - you can just go on the personalised people finder and type the name of the missing person - it has already help locate 150 people

This page called 'Help Uttrakhand - 2013 floods' was started by a group of friends after their parents went missing. It includes scanned lists of those found and photos of those still missing. "By this complete method we got information about 50 people right now," said the page's moderator Abhijeet Srivastava.

Even Twitter is filled with information and leads. Esha Maheswari, whose parents are missing in Uttrakashi, says this has given her hope. "I just uploaded these details in the morning on the computer, Facebook and on the website as well that my parents are missing and my aunt and uncle are missing. Someone called me in the evening to figure out their whereabouts," she said.

And there there are sites like and that are constantly updating information.


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