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Indian biologist denied US visa, demands answer

Jun 23, 2010 03:48 PM IST India India

New Delhi: A Muslim biologist working with the Delhi University has demanded an explanation from the US Embassy after it allegedly denied him a visa without “any reason”.

Dr Faiyaz Khudsar has written a letter to US Ambassador Timothy Roemer, saying he was singled out amongst a group of 11 people from India selected for a training programme at the Smithsonian Institute in Virginia.

Khudsar, a wildlife biologist working on a bio-diversity parks programme with the Delhi University, says the other 10 people got their visas on time but the US Embassy returned his passport though it had assured him a visa.

Khudsar told CNN-IBN that the US Embassy’s decision to deny him visa upset his training programme on tiger convservation. "It (visa denial) was a big surprise for me. I don't know what was the reason for it. Probably it is my name or religion--I don't know. It was an important visit--it was not for picnic,” he said.

“When I was interviewed at the US Embassy, I clearly told them that my flight is on June 1. They said before your departure you will get visa but unfortunately I didn't get it. I again informed them on May 20th but I didn't get any information. I got my passport back on June 20th without visa,” he said.

Khudsar, who has 15 years experience in wildlife conversation, has also filed an official complaint with External Affairs Ministry, the Environment Ministry and Home Ministry.