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Michelle Obama to be gifted 100 Banarasi sarees

Jan 23, 2015 09:17 AM IST India India

New Delhi: As the Obamas prepare to land in India on January 25, frenzied preparations grip not just the capital but even the weaving community of the temple town of Varanasi. According to reports, the weavers from Kashi will present US first lady Michelle Obama with over 100 Banarasi sarees.

The gift is believed to be on a special request from Prime Minister Narendra Modi from his constituency. "The textile ministry asked us to pack 100 pieces as they will be sent to Delhi," a shopkeeper Viresh Shah said.

From traditional silks to contemporary weaves, 100 pieces have been handpicked by the weaving community in Varanasi and each one is likely to cost anything between Rs 50,0000 to a few lakhs. The technique and tradition of these sarees which are a finest blend of silks, gold and silver zari, is what makes each one of them stand out as signature pieces.

The weavers claim that even if one out of the 100 saris makes it to White House, it will be a revival of an ailing industry.