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NADA refuses to test Vijender for heroin use

Apr 02, 2013 07:30 PM IST India India

New Delhi: A day after the Sports Ministry asked the National Anti-Doping Agency to test Olympian boxer Vijender Singh for heroin, the drug testing body has said it cannot do so.

"NADA will not breach the protocol prescribed in the WADA court for testing an athlete who is out of competition. Neither will the national dope testing lab," NADA Director General Mukul Chatterjee said.

The Punjab Police claims Vijender consumed heroin 12 times between December and February. Ram Singh, Vijender's friend and roommate has confessed as well. He has been sacked by the Punjab Police but there appears to be little evidence to nail Vijender legally.

"He is being shown as a user, as user there is no recovery from him. Firstly I don't understand how they will prove it. Number 2, Section 64 (A) is applicable to small quantities, which in case of heroin is upto 5 grams. How can police prove it, I don't understand, lawyer Mukul Khanna said.

But crucial questions remain unanswered. If the police were so sure about Vijender's involvement why was no test conducted earlier? Why did the Sports Ministry ask NADA to conduct tests a month later when any traces of the alleged heroin would already be washed out?

"We are trying to find out whether the samples can be analysed in Punjab forensic labs, if not, then we will find some other lab and seek advice on getting it tested there," SP Fatehgarh Sahib Gurmeet Singh said

The boxing federation is backing its poster boy to the hilt. And by maintaining a complete silence, Vijender it seems is riding out the storm.