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Fit and fine; women loses 100 kilos through exercise

Jan 29, 2009 03:39 AM IST India India

Arizona: Karen Daniel flew in a hot air balloon thousands of feet in the air above the Arizona desert. This was impossible for Karen a few years ago. “I was 67 inches around on my butt, and 65 inches tall, so I was two inches bigger around than I was tall,” says Karen. Two years ago, her fitness trainer, Bill Crawford remembers seeing a woman in desperate need of help “When Karen first walked in the door, she weighed 375 pounds, and she could barely make it from the car to the front door. I knew that just making it to the front door of a fitness center was a big deal,” says Bill Crawford. After a strict diet and a grueling workout routine, she is now two- hundred pounds lighter and so it was time for Karen to live out her dream. “I dedicated to myself that I was going to change my life, and if they came out with a pill today, would I go back in time to take that pill to lose the weight? and I honestly don’t think I would cause I've learned so much,” says Karen. Karen hopes to lose 50 more pounds, and when she does, watch out she'll be taking to the skies again this time, in a helicopter.