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Defence Dispatch: India-China Border Standoff, South China Sea Tensions, The War Within Indian Army

Feb 10, 2021 06:09 PM IST iVideos iVideos

The border standoff between India and China in Ladakh has entered ninth month and despite nine rounds of talks, there hasn’t been much of a headway in the situation. This past week, the tensions in South China Sea rose again as US warship sailed closer following which Chinese coastguard expelled the warship. China has also empowered its coastguard to fire at foreign vessels that sail through the South China Sea which it claims in full. Back in India, two army generals of the South Western Command are at war with each other with the tussle now reaching the Army Chief’s doorsteps who has ordered a rare Court of Inquiry (COI. All this and much more in this week’s episode of Defence Dispatch with Shreya Dhoundial.