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India Registers 4,213 Coronavirus Cases In The Biggest Single-day Spike

May 11, 2020 06:24 PM IST health and fitness health and fitness

India has registered the biggest single-day spike in Coronavirus cases on May 11. In the last 24-hours 4,213 Coronavirus cases have been reported in the country. The total Coronavirus cases in the country are now over 67,000, out of which about 44,000 cases are active. The Coronavirus death toll in the country is at 2,206. Maharashtra has reported 22,171 cases, making it the worst-affected state in the country. It is followed by Gujarat with 8,194 cases and Tamil Nadu with 7,204 cases. Meanwhile, the Indian Railways has announced that 15 air-conditioned trains will resume operations from May 15. The passengers will be thoroughly screened before boarding the trains and will have to wear a mask throughout the journey.