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What Are AI Weapons And Why Are Tech Giants Like Google, Microsoft Opposing It?

Feb 12, 2021 10:29 PM IST iVideos iVideos

A government-appointed panel in the United States has backed the development of autonomous weapons powered by artificial intelligence (AI) software. The panel, led by former Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, on Tuesday concluded two days of public discussion about how the world’s biggest military power should consider AI for national security and technological advancement.
While weapons based on AI which are partially autonomous is not new, but the idea of a fully autonomous weapons have raised concerns around the world. Around 30 countries from around the world who are opposing their use have termed them ‘killer robots'. Notwithstanding the concerns, major military powers like the USA, Russia and China have invested in the development of AI weaponry. The proponents of AI say that it can cut costs, and reduce human causalities and war crimes. But critics say that the technology is still evolving and is prone to errors and biases, and if the development of AI-based weapons remain unchecked, it can even lead to lethal consequences.