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10 Years of Bin Laden's Death: How America's Pursuit of Osama Ended in Abbottabad

May 01, 2021 11:59 AM IST iVideos iVideos

10 years ago, on May 2, 2011, Osama Bin Laden was killed in his house by US forces in Pakistan’s Abbottabad. But the hunt for America’s most wanted wasn’t easy.

After the deadly 9/11 attack that killed thousands of people, bin Laden went into hidings. It was after 10 years of manhunt, that the US SEAL team hunted down Al-Qaeda chief and the world’s most wanted terrorist in Pakistan’s Abbottabad.

In 2021, after 20 years of 9/11 attacks and 10 years of bin Laden’s killing, here’s a look back at how the events unfolded.

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