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After street fights, BJP and AAP take their battle to social media

Mar 08, 2014 09:27 AM IST Politics Politics

New Delhi: The battle between AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal and BJP prime ministerial candidates Narendra Modi has spilled on to social media as a Twitter war has broken out between supporters of the two leaders. Twitter hashtags #NaxalAAP and #ViolentBJP have been trending ever since supporters of the two parties clashed in several cities.

One of the BJP supporters @RightWing_Rants said, "Such is the terror unleashed By #NaxalAAP goons in the name of 'Aam Aadmy' That PWD officials are 'scared' to ask #Kejriwal to vacate government House."

A keen AAP supporter Ankur Rajvanshi hit back saying, "#ViolentBJP - BJP's chapter is close now. They have resorted to violence and goondaism. As they are their last hope as always."

Kejriwal's drama in Gujarat was the hot topic on Twitter with some tweeting support for Modi.

A BJP supporter Rajneil Kamath said, "All #NaxalAAP leaders want to go to Gujarat to create an illusion of being attacked. What a desperate attempt to get attention."

The social media cells of both parties, however, defended themselves. BJP's IT cell head Arvind Gupta said, "All the Twitter reactions from people at our end were very spontaneous. it was a natural reaction of the people affected by their violence."

AAP volunteer Ankur Srivastav said, "AAP supporters were beaten brutally and people felt angry, cheated. They figured social media is the best way to express their anger."

Interestingly, BJP leadership was struggling to stop supporters from reacting to AAP. BJP leader and former Uttarakhand chief minister Bhagat S Koshyari asked party workers to stay calm. He said, "My sincere appeal to all BJP party workers to stay calm and not to react over #NaxalAAP and keep their focus on Lok Sabha for #ModiKiDilli."

It's a known fact that all political parties were pumping up their campaigns on social media in this 'never-seen-before-like-election', and the war of the trends only seems to be the beginning.



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