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Wasn't in favour of Modi, but happy to allow him to rule in a secular way: Amartya Sen

Jul 01, 2014 08:34 AM IST Politics Politics

London: Long time Narendra Modi critic Amartya Sen seems to be softening his stand against the Prime Minister. The Nobel laureate says that he did not vote for Modi but is happy to give him a chance to rule fairly.

"I've not been to India since Modi came to power. But I think he is accessing what administratively should be done, if that's the case, that's a good thing. I was not in favour of Modi winning the election, but he has won and as a democratic Indian I'm happy to allow him to rule in a democratic way," Sen said.

Talking about his expectations from the Modi government's Budget, Sen said, "My hope is that no matter what their election manifesto was, that basic lesson of India's failure to learn from Asia will be the bigger part of the agenda of the new government."

"That along with the fact many of us are concerned that there is a majoritarian tendency in the government, whether the minority interest will be as much respected. We are a secular democratic country and people have a right to express their view, I think we will express it," Sen said when asked about his expectations from the Modi government.