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Modi lauds Amit Shah, calls him man of the match in 2014 Lok Sabha polls

Aug 09, 2014 04:58 PM IST Politics Politics

New Delhi: Congratulating Amit Shah for taking over as Bharatiya Janata Party's President, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion, lauded Shah's efforts during the stupendous performance of the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections and called him the 'man of the match'.

Speaking at the BJP's first national council meet after the general elections, Modi declared Home Minister and former BJP president Rajnath Singh as the captain of his team and thanked the latter for the crucial role that he had played in leading the party to victory in the last general elections.

Modi also praised Amit Shah for his relentless hard work in enabling the party to win 71 out of 80 seats a state which had not been a BJP stronghold for quite some time.

"I know Amit Shah very well, I am sure he will fulfill his responsibilities both towards the party as well as towards the country. If Amit Shah was not in the national team then we wouldn't have been able to influence Uttar Pradesh as much. I am confident that the BJP will succeed under Amit Shah's leadership", said Modi.

The Prime Minister assured the people that the BJP given its clear mandate, will execute all its promises, and pointed out the change in the world's outlook towards India after the new government took over.

"With the right direction and clear intentions we can achieve anything. Several parties are trying to divide the country by playing vote bank politics but we have to take the nation forward and it will take the people of the nation forward as well," said Modi.

Shah was appointed as BJP chief on July 9 after Rajnath Singh resigned from the post soon after joining the Narendra Modi Cabinet. Though BJP Parliamentary Board, the highest decision-making forum of the party, approved Shah's appointment, the move had to be ratified by the party's National Council, as per the party's constitution.

The session was being attended by senior party leaders from all over the country. The National Council will also adopt a resolution that will focus on the political and economic issues as well as the initiatives taken by the government.

Thanking party members for showing faith in him, Shah also lauded the efforts of party cadres in ensuring landslide victory in the recent Lok Sabha polls but said the "work of strengthening BJP in many places still remains".

He underlined that, "we cannot rule for long if party's reach does not expand."

Shah, a close confidante of Modi, slammed the former UPA government, saying it had left the country in bad condition as it had "failed on all fronts".

Referring to the recent Lok Sabha polls, the new BJP chief said in his maiden speech that the electoral verdict was "defeat of dynasty politics" and the "people rejected appeasement and votebank politics".

"When history is written, the former UPA government will be known as a government of scams," he said.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh also praised Shah for his leadership and said that the former was best suited for the position of the party's President.