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In Bangalore, garbage disposal is the biggest poll issue

Apr 09, 2013 09:34 AM IST Politics Politics

Bangalore: In the battle for Karnataka, the biggest poll issue for capital Bangalore is not infrastructure or jobs, but garbage disposal. Bangaloreans say they will vote for the party that helps them lose the stink.

Heaps of garbage at almost every street corner are reducing Bangalore to a stink that hasn't gone till now. For the past six months, garbage disposal has been the single-most important issue in the country's IT capital, so much that citizens have had to move the Karnataka High Court to stem the rot.

At the back of it all, was the politics between two MLAs, MLA from Mahadevapura Arvind Limbavli had, for many weeks, tried to score brownie points among his voters by preventing garbage trucks from going to the Mandur landfill in his constituency. But Home Minister R Ashoka insisted that dumping at Mandur be continued until more landfills are identified for where else can 4,000 tonnes of garbage go?

While the two MLAs bickered, the civic infrastructure got trampled and the Opposition Congress hopes to take advantage of that. Congress MLA Krishna Byre Gowda said, "A city like Bangalore that aspires for a global role cannot manage its own garbage. It is a severe slap on the face of Bangaloreans."

Once upon a time, Bangalore was worried about maintaining its brand, its IT feel, but now it's more every day issues like garbage and water that have take over. If the government could muck up a simple issue like this, the question is as to how can it take the IT city's other dreams forward.