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Blame game between political parties over Chennai terror attack

May 01, 2014 10:58 PM IST Politics Politics

Chennai: The twin blasts at Chennai Central railway station has triggered a political blame game between the DMK, AIADMK, BJP and Congress.

While the opposition in Tamil Nadu, DMK, lashed out at Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa for the alleged deterioration of law and order in the state, BJP said that the attack was a threat to its PM nominee Narendra Modi who was campaigning in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh on Thursday.

The Tamil Nadu Police has confirmed that the twin blasts on the Bangalore-Guwahati Express, in which a young woman was killed and 14 others were injured, were a terror attack.

Terror modules have stuck neighbouring metros like Bangalore and Hyderabad, but it was a first for Chennai today. Taking the opportunity DMK was quick to highlight the state government's failure. Party chief K Karunanidhi said, "Severe deterioration of law and order in the state.. Despite arrest of alleged ISI operative, CM who is charge of security, sitting in Kodanadu and not tracking situation. Says if ISI operative had been questioned and police had taken immediate action, Chennai blast could have been prevented."

In Delhi, BJP alleged that the target of the blast could be its PM candidate Narendra Modi and the Ministry of Home Affairs is not doing enough to protect him. "Since train arrived in Chennai approximately 1 hour 25 minutes late, the question arises whether the capital city of Tamil Nadu was actually the target. Had the train been on time, the explosion could have taken place near Nellore (Andhra Pradesh), where BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is scheduled to address a rally today," said party spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman.

The twin blasts saw even the Center and the state locked in politics of its own kind. It was only after repeated reminders that the Tamil Nadu government finally sent a report about the blasts to MHA. And that too according to top MHA officers was sketchy. Now is this another flash point between Tamil Nadu and MHA after the Rajiv Gandhi killer pardon issue? Or were the Chennai police officers just busy with investigations and hence took time to inform the Center?