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Mani Ratnam's son star attraction at CPM camp

Apr 01, 2008 11:30 AM IST Politics Politics

Coimbatore: He is only 17 years old, but can hold forth the Marxist-Leninist ideology better than a professor of political science. And he has — believe it or not — authored a book called The Contours of Leninism. Nandan Maniratnam is the son of of noted film director, Mani Ratnam. "Marxism is the most refined and most relevant form of philosophy and political reform and practice," says he. And when the word got out, the Red volunteer at the 19th party Congress was hounded with questions — such as 'Will he make films as well?' 'Do his parents agree with his politics?' — which forced him to seek refuge. However, when reporters did get around to asking him if his peers shared his ideology as well, this is what he said: "Persons of my age are vastly from the working class. India does not exist only in the cities and even in the cities it does not exist only for the Indian elite and upper classes. India exists predominantly for the working classes and the peasants and in that section I am sure that Marxism, if conveyed correctly, will have enormous influence," he opines. As for the CPM, often derided as being the party for geriatrics, they certainly seem to be catching them young. (With inputs from Rajan Saxena in Coimbatore)