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LS lists: Tainted names in Congress, BJP succumbs to dynasty politics

Mar 14, 2014 08:35 AM IST Politics Politics

New Delhi: The crisis in both the national parties regarding their list of candidates seems more evident now. While the Congress gave up its high moral ground, the Bharatiya Janata Party is still undecided over its Prime Ministerial nominee Narendra Modi's candidature from Uttar Pradesh.

The Congress on Thursday gave away election tickets to tainted leaders like Pawan Bansal and Subodh Kant Sahay, both of whom were previously forced out of the Cabinet over corruption charges. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi may have insisted on anti-corruption ordinances, but political compulsions forced the Congress to go in for compromise.

"I thank my President and Vice President for trusting me. The perception is among people like you. I have lived in Chandigarh all my life. I know what people are thinking better than anyone sitting here. The controversy about recruitment scam was simulated. Allegations can be made against everyone. There's not a shred of evidence against me especially after cognizance taken by court. I will be vindicated further when I win," Bansal said.

"The truth is that Rahul plays an important role in taking these decisions. So if he had not approved of my candidature, I wouldn't have got the ticket. These are just rumours. Rahul knows that I'm the most experienced leader from Jharkhand in the team he has picked," Sahay added.

Meanwhile, there is still no consensus within the BJP over Narendra Modi's seat. The party's UP list has been held back for now. Moreover, the BJP, often accusing the Congress of dynasty politics, succumbed to it.

BJP leader Yashwant Sinha's son Jayant and Pramod Mahajan's daughter Poonam were given tickets.

But in Bihar, crucial to Modi and BJP, dissent is brewing with Giriraj Singh being the first to show his displeasure. Shatrughan Sinha's seat has been kept in suspense too. "Yes I'm upset with the party's choice. Such decisions have an impact on democratic set up," Giriraj Singh said.

Over the next few days, both parties have to take crucial decisions. While the Congress needs to convince some of its leaders to contest, the BJP needs to calm mounting ambitions.