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Heads must roll for poll debacle, says Somnath

May 18, 2011 11:43 AM IST Politics Politics

Kolkata: Veteran Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader Somnath Chatterjee says that the disconnect between the Left Front and the people of West Bengal led to the Assembly poll debacle. Speaking exclusively to CNN-IBN's Priyanka Gupta, Chatterjee said that Left leaders should take responsibility for the rout that resulted in the end of 34-year communist rule in West Bengal.

"The question is about answering to the people or the party. Something does not happen suddenly. The party in power for 35 years in a politically conscious state facing such a debacle doesn't happen just like that. A serious introspection is needed," he replied when asked about CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat's statement that he alone is not responsible for the loss and he will not resign.

"There is disconnect between the party and the people, (there is a) distance between party and the people. People didn't feel the change in daily lives or administration. People were taken for granted. This grief is almost unbearable sorrow, unbearable," he said.

He added that Left Front leaders should come forward and take responsibility fopr the massive loss

"Now I think more heads must roll or should have rolled than it was necessary at that time (Lok Sabha elections)," he added.

Left Front’s 34-year rule came to an end on May 13 when the Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress-Congress won a massive mandate winning 228 seats in the 294-member Assembly. The Left Front won 61 seats with smaller parties emerging victorious in five seats.