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Talks with Pakistan only way forward for India-Pak relations: Farooq Abdullah

Sep 28, 2013 10:50 AM IST Politics Politics

Newe Delhi: After the Jammu terror attacks, the opposition demanded that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should not go-ahead with the talks with his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif, but former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister and Union Minister Farooq Abdullah said that talks with the neighboring country is the only way forward for India-Pakistan relations.

While speaking to CNN-IBN's Karan Thapar on Devil's Advocate, Farooq asked if war was going to solve any problem between India and Pakistan.

Here is the transcript of an excerpt from the interview:

Karan Thapar: Because there is still a continuing problem and you mentioned its happening today, Friday as we speak, is it the right response for our Prime Minister to meet their's in New York?

Farooq Abdullah: There is no other way. Can you have a war? Is war going to solve any problem at all, between India and Pakistan?

Karan Thapar: But can't you teach Pakistan a lesson?

Farooq Abdullah: How do you teach them a lesson, by sending in the Indian Army, by sending in the Indian Air Force, by sending in the navy - are you not going to rake up more trouble. They are also a nuclear power, do you want a nuclear bomb here as much as we might throw a nuclear bomb there.

Karan Thapar: So hot headed retaliation in a military way may escalate the problem and invite a nuclear response possibly?

Farooq Abdullah: And the world will consider India a terrorist by doing so. India is showing that even after all the provocation on our border, we still want to find peaceful method.

Karan Thapar: Are you also therefore saying that as the more mature of the two countries, as the better democracy of the two countries, and possibly as the better military power, it's our moral responsibility that we talk rather than we retaliate.

Farooq Abdullah: I agree with you. I full agree with you. I think what is important that with all the might, we still are resorting to talks.