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Nitish wants to clean Ganga, Lalu cries foul

Jan 15, 2010 01:17 PM IST Politics Politics

Patna: Receiving the thumbs up for making Bihar one of the most progressive states in the country, the Bihar Chief Minister now has another trick up his sleeve to please the common man. The Bihar government decided to waive the VAT on imported sugar in the state. But Nitish Kumar's main opponent, RJD leader Lalu Prasad, is crying foul.

Another agenda of the meet on Wednesday was to promote awareness on the Clean Ganga movement.

Nitish Kumar said, "The real reason for us to conduct a meet in a floating restaurant on River Ganga is the fact that it is joint to our lives. We need to protect it otherwise the planet will be in grave danger. We should spread awareness and do what we can ourselves as well."

But Nitish Kumar's political rival did not miss this chance to hit upon him.

"People visit the Ganga to perform last rites. There is no one from the government to monitor what is happening at the banks of the river. This is all a farce," said Lalu Prasad.

Nitish Kumar in turn hit back at Lalu saying, "Ever since we have come to power, RJD has been trying to get rid of us. A lot of times they have predicted that we will be out in six months, but I would like the people of Bihar to show him that it is not his turn yet."

It started with Narendra Modi holding his cabinet meeting in Kutch, then Nitish Kumar having it on hilltop at Rajgir, and Ganga was the next stop in line.