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Assam violence: Narayanguri stunned to silence with 18 deaths

May 04, 2014 07:36 PM IST Politics Politics

Baksa: As Assam once again reels under violence, villagers in Baksa district's Narayanguri insist that this violence is designed to divide people in the northeastern state.

At least 18 people have been killed in the region in the past few day, six of whom were children. The village has been stunned to silence. Saibul Islam lost 4 members of his family. "I heard loud gunfire. When I came out I saw the dead bodies of my wife and son. Many houses were on fire."

"My mother, brother, grandmother and one sister were killed. They were gunned down," said Rubina Khatun.

These remote villages remain tense. Police claim Bodo militants are responsible for the killings. Ramzan Ali, who lost his wife to the violence wants the government to intervene. "My mother, wife, two sons and one daughter are dead. I request the government to help us," he appealed.

Though the Army is trying to restore confidence, the fear is writ large on the faces of these people. Many believe that the violence could have a link to the Lok Sabha polls. But beyond allegations and counter-allegations, the loss of human lives is a grim reminder of 2012.

This incident is likely to leave a permanent scar on the people of this region. They are deeply saddened and angry at those playing politics over it and trying to polarise communities further.