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Maharashtra MLAs who beat up policeman to go scot-free?

Mar 30, 2013 12:03 PM IST Politics Politics

Mumbai: The MLAs accused of beating up a policeman inside the Maharashtra Assembly are likely to go scot-free despite footage available from 28 CCTV cameras. Crime branch sources claim the footage is unclear. There was a mobile video of an injured Sachin Suryavanshi, 28 CCTV cameras inside the Vidhan Bhavan and yet no conclusive proof against the MLAs who allegedly beat him up in the legislative assembly.

Sources from the crime branch say there are two clippings of 5 minutes duration each that have been sent for inquiry. The footage is not clear and it needs to be enhanced for investigation. There are 28 cameras in the Vidhan Bhavan but the results are so far inconclusive.

"The people who are saying that the evidence is not clear are those who fear stern investigation by the police. Police are investigating by picking up clues. The police have to be firm and have powers to arrest those who have committed the offence," former police officer YP Singh said.

Both the MLAs who were named in the FIR and arrested, Kshitij Thakur and Ram Kadam, also refused to name others involved in the incident during their interrogation. The political pressure could mean other eye witnesses may also not come forward. Other suspended MLAs have said they are waiting for the legislative inquiry to put their point across.

Suspended Maharashtra MLA Jaikumar Rawal said, "I am hurt by the insensitive coverage by the media. You have already crucified us and maligned us, so there is no point in discussing anything. I had in fact rushed to the spot along with some reporters to see what the commotion was all about."

The IPS association had already given the feelers that they were satisfied with the suspension of the MLAs and were not keen on pursuing the case. It now appears that it would largely be a watered down action. No action against the accused would certainly send out the wrong message to the already beleaguered police force.