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CCPA meet on Monday night to try and curb inflation

Apr 01, 2008 01:44 AM IST Politics Politics

New Delhi: The CCPA is meeting on Monday night to discuss ways and means of controlling the present inflationary trend. Already at 6.68 per cent, the rate of inflation is the highest over the last 13 months. The summer of 2008 appears to be beginning on the worst possible note for the UPA with inflation at a year's high and with no solution in sight so far. As the government feels the heat, all ministers headed to the Finance Ministry with a prayer on their lips and hope in their hearts. "The price rise would be controlled,” stated RJD leader Raghuvansh Prasad. But that may be easier said than done. The first step that the government is taking is to boost supplies of essential commodities, which is a problem that it has not accepted so far. "We are considering revision of minimum support price of wheat, maybe even reduction of import duties on some products," said Commerce Minister Kamal Nath. Just a month ago, however, the very same people were finding it difficult to control their celebrations. Massive loan waiver for farmers was supposed to be UPA government's trump card establishing its love for the aam aadmi. Now the government is faced with the dilemma of easing import restrictions which will hit the farmers the maximum – a classic case of giving with one hand and taking away from the other. The government would face a lot of flak, though. "We will launch a nation-wide agitation against the UPA government," promised CPM leader Sitaram Yechury. Price rise is a word dreaded by politicians across the country, more so for those from the UPA. After all, they came to power claiming to be custodians of aam aadmi’s interests. Now as the Government gets into an election year, they will keep a close eye on prices of all these essential commodities or else the government might pay a heavy political cost for it.