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I thank the people of India, says Pranab

Jul 22, 2012 11:08 AM IST Politics Politics

New Delhi: 7.24 pm: Rajya Sabha General Secretary presented the certificate to Pranab Mukherjee on winning the presidential elections. 6.48 pm: Pranab Mukherjee has officially been declared elected as the President of India with 3095 votes valued at 7, 13, 763. His opponent P A Sangma secured 1483 votes valued at 3, 15, 987. Mukherjee was declared the winner of the 14th presidential elections by returning officer V K Agnihotri. The total number of votes cast in the presidential elections was 4659, valued at 10, 47, 971, of which 4578 votes, at a value of 10, 29, 750, were valid. There were 81 invalid votes valued at 18, 221. 6.11 pm: President-elect Pranab Mukherjee thanked the people of the "great country" for his win in the presidential elections against former Lok Sabha speaker P A Sangma. "I express deep gratitude for electing me to high office," said Mukherjee. Addressing mediapersons, he further said, "I thank all those who supported me…I thank Sangma for congratulating me." He said he would try to justify the trust of people, adding, "I have received much more than I have given". Pranab Mukherjee has got a total value of 7,13,424 votes, which is 69 per cent, while his opponent Sangma has got 3,17,032, which is 31 per cent of the votes. 6.00 pm Pranab Mukherjee won 351 votes valued at 73,008 while P A Sangma got 46 votes valued at 9568 in Uttar Pradesh. In Delhi, the former finance minister got 42 votes valued at 2436 and the former Lok Sabha speaker won 23 votes valued at 1334. Meanwhile, in Puducherry, Pranab Mukherjee got 23 votes valued at 368 and Sangma managed to get five votes valued at 80. 5.52 pm: Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal termed Pranab Mukherjee's win in the presidential elections as a "victory for democracy". Congratulating Mukherjee on his win, "It is a victory for democracy. He was the man who came from a humble background." 5.45 pm: In Uttarakhand, Pranab Mukherjee won 39 votes valued at 2496 and P A Sangma won 30 votes valued at 1920. Whereas in West Bengal, Mukherjee got 275 votes valued at 41525 and Sangma got three valued at 453. The total value of votes in favour of Pranab Mukherjee as of now is 6,37,612 while those in favour of PA Sangma is 3,06,050. 5.29 pm P A Sangma conceded his defeat in the presidential elections congratulating his opponent Pranab Mukherjee, who has been elected to become the 13th President of the country. Addressing mediapersons, the former Lok Sabha speaker said the presidential and the vice presidential elections must have a code of conduct to make the elections fair. When asked to clarify on his statement that the elections needed to be made fair, Sangma said that several states were given financial packages. 5.27 pm: Pranab Mukherjee got 113 votes valued at 14577 and P A Sangma got 85 votes valued at 10965 in Rajasthan. Meanwhile, in Tripura, Pranab Mukherjee got 56 votes valued at 1456 while Sangma managed to get just one vote valued at 26. The total value of votes in favour of Pranab Mukherjee as of now is 593591 while those in favour of PA Sangma is 303677. 5:25 pm: In Sikkim, Pranab Mukherjee got 28 votes valued at 196 while P A Sangma got one vote valued at 7. However, the latter got 149 votes valued at 26224 whereas Mukherjee got just 45 votes valued at 7920. 5:17 pm: Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee has congratulated President-elect Pranab Mukherjee on winning the presidential elections. The Trinamool Congress will attend the swearing-in ceremony of Pranab Mukherjee, scheduled for 11.30 am on July 25. 5:05 pm: In Odisha, Pranab Mukherjee got 26 votes valued at 3,874 while PA Sangma got 115 votes valued at 17,135. In Punjab, Pranab Mukherjee got 44 votes valued at 5,104 while PA Sangma got 70 votes valued at 8,120. 4:45 pm: In Manipur, Pranab Mukherjee got 58 votes valued at 1044 while Sangma got one valued at 18. In Meghalaya, Pranab Mukherjee got 34 votes valued at 578 while Sangma got 23 votes valued at 391. The total number of votes in favour of Pranab Mukherjee so far is 2,078 valued at 5,64,469, while those in favour of PA Sangma is 10,71 votes in favour of 2,57,466. The total number of votes counted so far is 3,208 valued at 8,37,356. 59 votes valued at 15,421 were invalid. 4:20 pm: UPA's Presidential candidate Pranab Mukherjee has crossed the halfway mark and is set to become the 13th President of India. The total value of votes in favour of Pranab Mukherjee so far is 5,58,064, while those in favour of PA Sangma is 2,40,783. In Maharashtra, Pranab Mukherjee got 225 votes valued at 39375 while Sangma got 47 votes valued at 8225. Home Minister P Chidambaram thanked all the allies of the Congress. "We thank all our allies and all the supporting parties," he said. 4:14 pm: In Madhya Pradesh, Pranab Mukherjee got 73 votes valued at 9563 while Sangma got 156 votes valued at 20,436. The total value of votes in favour of Pranab Mukherjee so far is 5,18,689, while those in favour of PA Sangma is 2,32,558. 3:55 pm: The votes from BJP-ruled Karnataka came in as a surprise with cross voting resulting in 117 votes for Pranab valued at 15,327, while PA Sangma got 103 valued at 13,493. In Kerala, Pranab Mukherjee got 124 votes valued at 1,88,48 while Sangma got no vote. 3:25 pm: The total value of votes in favour of Pranab Mukherjee so far is 4,64,391, while those in favour of PA Sangma is 1,95,109. From Himachal Pradesh, Pranab got 23 votes valued at 1,173 while Sangma got 44 votes valued at 2,244. In Jammu and Kashmir, Pranab got 68 votes valued at 4,896, while Sangma got 15 votes valued at 1,080. In Jharkhand, Pranab got 60 votes valued at 10,560 while Sangma got 20 votes valued at 3,520 3:10 pm: Gujarat votes: Pranab Mukherjee gets 59 votes valued at 8673 and PA Sangma gets 123 votes valued at 18,081. Haryana votes: Pranab gets 53 votes valued at 5936 and Sangma gets 29 votes valued at 3248. The total value of votes in favour of Pranab Mukherjee so far is 4,58,323, while those in favour of PA Sangma is 1,91,785. 2:50 pm: Out of the 90 votes from Chhattisgarh, Pranab Mukherjee got 39 valued at 5032, while PA Sangma got 50 valued at 6450. One vote was invalid. From Goa, Pranab got nine votes valued at 180, while Sangma got 31 votes valued at 620. 2:35 pm: The total value of votes in favour of Pranab Mukherjee so far is 4,38,502, while those in favour of PA Sangma is 1,63,386. Of the 240 votes counted from Bihar, Pranab got 146 and Sangma got 90. Four votes were invalid. 2:25 pm: The total value of votes in favour of Pranab Mukherjee so far is 4,00,484, while those in favour of PA Sangma is 1,46,308. From the state of Assam, out of a total of 125 votes counted, two were invalid. Of the remaining 123, Pranab got 110 while Sangma got 13. 2:00 pm Arunachal Pradesh: 54 for Pranab, 2 for Sangma and three invalid. The value of votes is 8 per MLA. Total value for Pranab is 432 and 16 for Sangma. 1:20 pm Parliament vote results: 748 counted, 15 invalid; PA Sangma gets 208 votes with a value of 145848. Pranab Mukherjee gets 527 votes with a value of 373116. The ballots of 17 states have been opened by far. A majority of the MPs had cast their vote in Parliament House, some of them voted in state capitals. So, the Parliament box and the boxes of 14 states where the MPs cast their votes were opened first. Andhra Pradesh: Out of 185 votes counted, Pranab got 182 with a value of 36936 while Sangma got three with a value of 444. 12:25 pm: Before the result of the Presidential election can be announced, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot met Pranab Mukherjee at noon to congratulate him in advance. "I came to congratulate Pranab Ji in advance. I knew from day one when Sonia Gandhi Ji and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced his candidature. This is the first time in the history of the country that from the day of the announcement, we knew he is going to win," Gehlot said. Meanwhile, PA Sangma met Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Sunday morning. 12 noon: Even before the President poll result could be, celebrations started at Pranab Mukherjee's village Birbhum in West Bengal. People were singing, dancing and celebrating. They are confident that Pranab will be the 13th President of India. People with boxes of sweets were seen standing outside Pranab Mukherjee's residence in Delhi too. Some people were even carrying flowers to congratulate Pranab. While many people gathered outside Pranab Mukherjee's house in the national capital, not many people could be seen outside PA Sangma's daughter Agatha Sangma's residence. 11:10 am: UPA Presidential nominee Pranab Mukherjee's Secretary Pradyut Guha said that Pranab was waiting eagerly for the result, but it was a normal day for him. "No job is tough for Pranab Mukherjee. He has accepted all jobs which he had been given. It is a normal day for Pranab, he is waiting eagerly for the results," Guha said. 11 am: The counting of votes for the Presidential election began in Room number 63 of Parliament. Six groups have been formed for the counting of votes. UPA Presidential nominee Pranab Mukherjee looks set to be the 13th President of India. The six groups are: Group 1: Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, Nagaland, Tripura and Parliament Group 2: Arunachal Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Uttarakhand Group 3: Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh Group 4: Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, Manipur, Rajasthan, West Bengal Group 5: Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Delhi Group 6: Goa, Karnataka, Mizoram, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry The counting of votes began amidst tight security in the presence of both Pranab and BJP's Presidential nominee PA Sangma. The ballot boxes of votes cast in Parliament House were taken up first for counting after which those from the states will be opened. With Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee falling in line, it's almost certain now that UPA nominee Pranab Mukherjee will be the 13th President. Other than all the UPA allies, parties such as SP and BSP as well as the Left are supporting the former Finance Minister. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will meet Pranab Mukherjee after 2 pm to congratulate him. Pranab will be the 13th person to be the President of India, but will be the 13th President since Dr Rajendra Prasad was elected twice. Congress-led UPA has claimed Pranab Mukherjee will win around 70 per cent of the votes in the direct contest with PA Sangma, the former Lok Sabha Speaker who is backed by some opposition parties. As per the norm, the ballot boxes from the states have been brought to the national capital for the counting. The polling percentage has been less than expected this time with only 72 per cent of the total votes - valued at 11 lakh - polled. Of the total votes polled - estimated to be around 8 lakh - Pranab is expecting around 5.6 lakh votes. As of now, only the vote of Samajwadi Party Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav has been declared invalid by the Election Commission on the ground that he violated the code of secrecy by revealing his vote. Yadav had initially voted for Sangma and then torn the ballot paper when he realised his mistake. Kanu Kalsaria, BJP MLA from Mahuva in Gujarat, voted for Pranab and openly declared that he did so as he is unhappy with the functioning of the Narendra Modi government. At least 72 per cent of MPs and MLAs across the country voted to elect a new President. As many as 4,120 MLAs and 776 MPs with a total vote value of 10.98 lakh votes were eligible to cast their ballot in the election. As per information received from 22 states, 2937 MLAs and 40 MPs had cast their votes. The new President will be administered the oath of office by the Chief Justice of India on July 25. Presidential election: The process The President of India is elected by an electoral college comprising MPs and MLAs. - 776 MPs, all except nominated ones, cast their vote. - 4120 MLAs cast their vote. - 708 votes is the value of each MP's vote. - Meanwhile, the value of an MLA's vote is variable. It depends on the population of the state the MLA represents. Pranab vs Sangma: How the numbers stack up Support for Pranab: UPA (+TMC) + RJD + SP + BSP + JDS + CPM + FB + NDA allies (Shiv Sena and JDU) = 66.7 per cent Support for Sangma: BJP + SAD + JMM + BJD + AIADMK = 30.3 per cent Undecided parties: TDP + others = 3 per cent (With additional inputs from PTI) President poll counting: Watch Live on Rajya Sabha TV: