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26/11 martyrs: Rahul slams Govt for not doing enough

Jan 22, 2009 01:39 AM IST Politics Politics

Jaipur: Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi's strong words on the Mumbai attack is a clear sign that his party is aware that the memory of Mumbai attacks cannot be erased in a hurry.

Rahul specially mentioned assistant sub-inspector Tukaram Ombale who is expected to be honoured at this year's Republic Day.

“He gave so much for the country but what have we given him in return is something we need to look into. Heroes emerge only when systems collapse,” Rahul said.

In criticising the UPA government on terror, Rahul has virtually emerged as a voice of opposition within the Congress. But how much of this rhetoric is pure political prudence?

Rahul realises the public's patience with the UPA may soon run out. So he seems to have touched a chord by demanding more for the martyrs.

“We have done practically nothing for the national heroes of the Mumbai terror strike,” Rahul said.

After Home Minister P Chidambaram's apology in Mumbai, it is Rahul's turn to express his regret. With elections just a few months away Rahul's biggest challenge would be to help his party overcome the public perception that the UPA failed in tackling terror in the country.

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