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Funds from Centre get lost in CPM hands: Rahul

Sep 06, 2010 03:49 PM IST Politics Politics

Kolkata: Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi was in Kolkata for the youth memebrship drive, but grabbed the opportunity to take a dig at the ruling Left front government.

Rahul accused the state government of not spending the funds sent by the Centre and said communism would soon be wiped out of West Bengal. "The UPA government sends crores of rupees, but they go into the hands of the CPM and disappear," he said.

Lashing out at the CPM at a rally in Kolkata, Rahul said: "Communism will get wiped out of Bengal soon, just like in Russia."

He said 45 per cent of people in West Bengal don't have ration cards. "The communists in Bengal are running the old philosophy for the benefit of their own workers. They are not working for the people," the Congress general secretary said.

Rahul said though he is with the people of Bengal, but the youth would have to come forward for the development of the state. "There is no place for relationships and friendship in the Youth Congress. It is a purely democratic organisation," he said.