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Raja denies influencing Madras HC judge

Dec 07, 2010 05:36 PM IST Politics Politics

New Delhi: Former telecom minister and DMK MP A Raja on Tuesday denied trying to influence a Madras High Court judge in a criminal case. Speaking to CNN-IBN, Raja claimed that he neither spoke to any judge nor he authorised any other person to speak to a judge on his behalf.

"You are reading it wrong. Of course my name has been mentioned some where in the judgement I have just gone through. I must mention that I have full faith in the judiciary. My own case is pending before the High Court for defamation. My interim petition was heard by a single judge bench. When it was heard by the single judge I was aggrieved as the order was passed against me. Since I had and have faith in the judiciary I appealed the order in the division bench and got the order in favour of me. What does it mean? In my own case I never interfered with the judiciary. As a lawyer, as a former minister I know the constitutional system. I have full faith on the judiciary. Since I was in the legal fraternity I have more friends including Chandramohan (but) that does not mean I authorised any person to negotiate or to speak to a judge on my behalf on any case," Raja told CNN-IBN.

"I never intended, I never attempted to speak to the judge through any person. I never authorised any person. I make that very clear," said Raja.

Admitting that the allegations made against him were of a serious nature, Raja said that any person in public life faced the situation that he was in at the moment.

"I think that so far as 2G is concerned the case is pending before the court, the matter is subjudice. But in public life that too at my age one has to meet controversies, allegations and counter allegations. These are quite natural in public life. I have my own will to face it. Legally I will address every thing before the court whether it is 2G or any other issue," said the former telecom minister.

"The allegations that have been made against me may be little bit worrying. But I have confidence that I will come out legally once the cases are put up in court in proper manner, in proper perspective, I do believe my innocence will be proved," he added.

Raja, already under the scanner in the multi-crore 2G spectrum scam, has been named by the Madras High Court on Tuesday as the Union minister who tried to influence a judge.

According to the High Court order on Tuesday, Raja tried to influence Justice R Raghupathy. A judge of the High Court, Justice Raghupaty wrote a letter in 2009 to the then Chief Justice of India KG Balakrishnan in which he claimed that Chairman of Bar Council of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry K Chandramohan, who is reportedly a friend of Raja, tried to influence him.

Chandramohan, who was representing clients in a criminal case, tried to influence Justice Raghupati over phone in 2009 by claiming that he was a friend of a Union minister by the name of Raja.