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LS polls: Rs 60,000 cr betting so far, Modi a hot favourite

May 14, 2014 09:42 AM IST Politics Politics

Mumbai: This election season the verdict is being given not just by the voters, but actively by the bookies as well. In the satta bazaar (betting market), Bharatiya Janata Party Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi seems to be a hot favourite among the bookies as well.

Modi is closing in on 7 RCR and that is being reflected not just in exit polls, but in the satta bazaar too. "Narendra Modi still remains the favourite. In the satta bazaar, Modi is being pegged at 62 paise, Rahul Gandhi at 85 paise, Mulayam Singh Yadav at Rs 1.40 and Arvind Kejriwal at Rs 4.50," said a bookie.

But the same punters who were predicting over 300 seats for the NDA two weeks ago say the numbers have drastically changed for the NDA after the final phase of polling. The rates now are:

If the NDA wins

150 seats - 42 paise
200 seats - 78 paise
250 seats - Rs 2.25
300 seats - Rs 4

and if the UPA wins

150 seats - 60 paise
200 seats - 90 paise
250 seats - Rs 3.25

"Some speeches made by big NDA leaders just ahead of the final phase and high voter turnout has changed the numbers in the satta bazaar," a bookie said.

Surprisingly, punters predict a close fight in the temple town of Varanasi despite the high-octane campaigning by team Modi. "Both Modi and Congress's Ajay Rai are being pegged at 45 paise and Rs 1.20 for Arvind Kejriwal," a bookie said.

While exit polls across news channels see saffron shining, punters are being cautious even as Narendra Modi remains their hot favourite. Betting to the tunes of Rs 60,000 crore has already taken place and just like the netas, the punters are also eagerly waiting for the D-Day.