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Mamata Bannerjee faces the heat for inaction against TMC MP Tapas Pal

Jul 06, 2014 09:12 AM IST Politics Politics

Kolkata: In West Bengal, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is facing the heat from intellectuals for downplaying the rape for revenge comment made by her party MP Tapas Pal.

Angry and betrayed women are protesting against the first woman Chief Minister of the state claiming that she has disappointed them by taking no action against Pal.

"No justice has been meted out to us in spite of making such disgusting comments," Founder Anjali, Ratnaboli Ray said. Others too add that they feel "very threatened" by such comments.

More tapes have revealed that Pal is a man ready to take law into his own hands with brazen threats to behead CPIM workers. "Chop off the heads of the CPIM workers. Police will not touch you. I will see to it," he is seen to have been saying in the latest video that has surfaced.

However, Mamata Banerjee is maintaining that allegations against Pal are a media conspiracy to malign her government. "When we do good things they don't mention it but a small matter is blown out of proportion. Media is planting these tapes to malign our government," Mamata said.

Police, too, is under fire for inaction against Tapas Pal despite video evidence. Newly released data shows Bengal was among the top three states with highest crimes against women. Yet Mamata reconstituted the State Womens Commission only to fill it with Tollywood actors and party faithfuls.

"The Chief Minister is a vindictive and cruel woman. She has no respect for law. She thinks she is the law," Ambikesh Mahapatra who was jailed for sharing a Mamata cartoon said.