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Battle for TN: Jaya alliance likely to win

May 13, 2011 06:56 AM IST Politics Politics

Chennai: In Tamil Nadu, will Jayalalithaa unseat Karunanidhi. The election was fought in the shadow of corruption allegations in the 2G scam and the promise of freebies like laptops and grinders.

The CNN-IBN - The Week poll predicts a victory for the Jayalalithaa alliance. It's a close fight but a decisive edge for Jayalalithaa according to the CNN-IBN - The Week CSDS post polls.

The DMK alliance is projected to get 102 to 114 seats and the AIADMK alliance 120 to 132 seats. The AIADMK alliance with a 46 per cent vote share has a clear 2 per cent lead over DMK alliance's 44 per cent.

In terms of choice of who should be chief minister Jayalalithaa leads the race for the first time since 2001.

Almost 38 per cent people want Karunanidhi as chief minister and 43 per cent want Jayalalithaa - a lead of 5 per cent.

While most voters say they benefitted from the DMK government's free bees gave thumbs up for the government. Corruption in the shadow of the 2G scam and family rule seems to have gone against the DMK.

About 47 per cent voters feel Karunanidhi is more corrupt versus 21 per cent for Jayalalithaa. Fifty three per cent feel Karunanidhi encourages more nepotism than Jayalalithaa and 33 p er cent felt Jayalalithaa was more authoritarian and 32 per cent felt Karunanidhi was authoritarian.

The CNN-IBN The Week Post Poll Survey predicts a decisive edge for Jayalalithaa's alliance. And if these numbers are confirmed on the 13th of May then the real test for the AIADMK chief will be on her ability to hold on to her pre-poll allies.


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