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We want the PM under Lokpal: Sitaram Yechury

Aug 27, 2011 03:28 PM IST Politics Politics

New Delhi: CPI (M) leader Sitaram Yechury on Saturday spoke in Rajya Sabha and said he has met Team Anna and discussed the three conditions - inclusion of lower bureaucracy, Lokayuktas in all states and citizen's charter for public grievances.

"We must be able to make out difference between the civil society and the uncivil society, " said Yechury.

Commenting on the time that has been spent on the Jan Lokpal Bill he said, "Four decades of the applying of minds of Parliament has delayed this. Our party has been consistently pushing for the Lokpal Bill. We always wanted the Prime Minister under purview of the Lokpal."

"It is become such a popular issue, it's a manifestation of the disgust of scams after scam coming up. Corruption in high places is taking place," stated Yechury.

The CPI (M) leader also said it has been 40 years of deliberations and we should not lose another moment now.

He said, "The definition of corruption has to be widened and there should not only be acts of commission but acts of omission."

Commenting on the cases against Parliamentarians he said, "We have seen cash-for-votes. We are willing to discuss if Section 105 needs to be ammended. We are vigiliant but public confidence has to be given."

On Lokayukta in State levels, Yechury stated, "It is perfectly possibly to prepare a model bill and send it to states. We cannot violate the Centre-State relations."

On citizens' charter, he said, "There are rights to services act passed in five states in the country already. Electronics Service Delivery Bill is in the public domain already."

Commenting on the Government he said the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.

"I fully support bureaucracy of all sorts should be under the Lokpal but we have to see the practicality. We have crores of cases in lower courts waiting for justice," said Yechury on the issue of lower bureaucracy.

He said Lokayukta should be established keeping Centre-State relation in mind.

Posing a question in Rajya Sabha, he asked, "Is corruption the prerogative of only public servants? Lokpal should also move against the other sections not only this one."

Yechury said he wants a new bill. "The Government's bill is not adequate, the Jan Lokpal Bill isn't perfect. We should come with a new bill with best of all," said Yechury.

Citing the example of a law passed during the Emergency he said, "We passed a law during the Emergency in four hours, the entire country paid for it."

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