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Average age of UPA ministers remains at 60

Jul 13, 2011 09:36 AM IST Politics Politics

New Delhi: Inclusion of young, energetic and people with ideas was the expectation from Manmohan Singh in the reshuffle of Council of Ministers. But, average age of the Council of Ministers in the UPA Government still remains over 60, despite young entrants like 34-year-old Milind Deora and 40-year-old Jitendra Singh being inducted.

"To be a developed country we need young people," said a young man.

Three ministers in their mid 70s - MS Gill, Murli Deora and BS Hanique - were dropped from the ministry, but there still 14 ministers of cabinet ranks who are in their 70s. This includes 79-year-old SM Krishna at the helm, followed by the Prime Minister, who is at 78.

"We should have dispensable ministers like America," said a man.

So, for the people will this reshuffle bring in anything fresh or new?

"I think new ministers will bring new lobbies inside," said a person.

So, for now, a country where half of population is below 35 years, will be run by a mix of more old than new.