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Indian football players association launches website

Aug 27, 2009 08:33 PM IST Football Football

New Delhi: Indian football team skipper Bhaichung Bhutia has had a pretty busy day on Thursday. He not only launched a website for his fellow players but also announced that Manchester United will be opening their sports bar in New Delhi soon.

Bhaichung also got his own Manchester United jersey and was clearly the star attraction at the event.

"Definitely it does help. It does keep football on the news which is very important. As I said any foreign clubs coming here is always good. But at the end of day it had to benefit everybody," said Bhaichung.

But the Indian skipper is an avid fan of another English Premier League side.

"My favourite team is playing Manchester United this weekend. I am not a die hard Arsenal fan but I like watching Arsenal," he said.

But Bhaichung's day wasn't over. Later in the day it was time for something much closer to the skipper's heart and closer home the launch of the Football Players' Association of India's website.

"We want to educate the players through our website and also at the same time they can have their views written here and also other players can react on the views. There will be a section where the fans can write," he added.

Bhaichung's teammates, too, were around for the launch.


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