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2 Samosa For Rs 500? US Man Can't Believe It And He Wants To Go To Bihar Now

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Last Updated: May 26, 2023, 11:07 IST

Delhi, India

The menu revealed the price of 2 samosas.(Credits : Instagram)

The menu revealed the price of 2 samosas.(Credits : Instagram)

In the video, Drew Hicks expressed his frustration while complaining about the rates of samosas.

The love for samosas knows no bounds, you do not need a special occasion to enjoy these savoury delights with sides of green chutney and tamarind sauce. The lip-smacking snacks are sold in almost every nook and corner of India, and such is their popularity that even foreigners can’t resist the craving. But for influencer Drew Hicks, the price of samosas has become a massive problem. It seems when he was in India, the US man was able to satiate his taste buds with this spicy potato-filled deep-fried snack merely for Rs 20.

However, the difference in its price rate in America seems to be just appalling to him. In an Instagram video, he leaves no stone unturned to express his frustration while also complaining about the rates of samosas. Seated in a US restaurant, Drew maintains a straight face when he says, “India mein two samosa ka 20 rupees lagega, yaha pe two samosas ka 500 rupya hai. Chalo wapas Bihar chalte hai bhai. (In India, two samosas only cost ₹20, but here it costs ₹500. Let’s go back to Bihar).” Watch the video here:

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The clip has left desi social media users in stitches. A few of them couldn’t fathom the expensive price, “Samosa me aaloo ka jagah lagta hai gold daal ke de rahe hai (Looks like they’re serving gold instead of potatoes in samosa),” said one. Another asked, “And this is just the appetizer?” One more said, “Dude is not even Indian but still converting foreign currency to INR.” An Indian was utterly impressed by his fluent Hindi, “When you realise this American can speak Hindi more clearly and fluently than you.”

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    Meanwhile, a section of desi users humbly invited Drew back to India. “Come back to Bihar brother,” wrote one. Another added, “Aao bhai aapko free mein 4 samosa khilaenge (Come back I’ll feed you four samosas for free).” A few also had something funny to say, “He should be made the brand ambassador of Bihar,” one commented. Another asked, “Galti se America me born ho gaye (You were born in America by mistake).”

    With over two lakh views, a barrage of viewers are quite impressed by Drew Hicks’ desi antics.

    first published:May 26, 2023, 10:49 IST
    last updated:May 26, 2023, 11:07 IST