Ferrari To Launch
First Electric Car
in 2025

In the past few years, the electric vehicle market has witnessed massive growth, and most of the credit goes to strict emissions laws by the government.

Seeing the sudden upgradation in the market, luxury yet high-performance car maker Ferrari is also jumping into the trend.

Ferrari is expected to launch
its first electric car in the
international market by 2025
or 2026.

Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna said that the company is still on schedule to reach its carbon neutrality target by 2030. 

And in order to take a step forward in the same direction the brand will introduce its first electric vehicle in 2025. 

 However, the opportunity to continue selling combustion-engined vehicles is advantageous because ICE (internal combustion engine) still has a lot to do, he added.

His comment comes at the time when the European Union announced the ban on new combustion-engined vehicle sales in 2035.

For passenger vehicles and vans, the intermediate emissions reduction targets have been set for 50 percent by the EU.

According to reports, Ferrari engineers are putting every ounce of blood and sweat in tweaking and redesigning the current engine series in order to make it run on
e-fuels in the future.

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