8 Countries With

4-Day Work Week

Although no country has fully
adopted a 4-day work week,
several are experimenting
with one or have a short
average working week.

Citizens have the right
to work part time unless there is
"substantial business reason." Thus,
they have the shortest working
week - 29 hours.


The 2021 annual economic
policy suggested that
companies let employees
work four times per week
instead of the customary five.


According to an OECD
report, Denmark has the
second shortest average
working week in the
world - 33 hours.


As per the same report,
Norway has the third shortest
average working week in the
world - 33.6 hours.


Belgian citizens have the
right to switch to a 4-day
work week. However, a
typical 4-day week is
4x10 hour days.


The average German work
week is around 34 hours. The
largest trade union in the
country is also campaigning
for a 4-day work week.


As per the OECD report, the
Swiss has the fourth shortest
average working week in the
world - 34.6 hours.


Austrians also have a short
working week compared to
many countries. Their
average working week is
around 35.5 hours.


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