How To Prevent PAN
Card Misuse Online

It’s essential to act promptly if
you suspect PAN card misuse
to minimise any potential
damage and protect your
financial well-being.

Monitor your bank statements, credit
card bills, and any other financial
transactions for any suspicious or
unauthorised activity. Look for
transactions that you don’t
recognise or didn’t initiate.

Obtain a copy of your credit
report from a credit bureau
(like CIBIL) and review it for
any unauthorised accounts or
credit applications associated
with your PAN card.

Visit the official website of the
Income Tax Department and
log in to your account using
your PAN card details. Review
your tax filings and ensure
there are no discrepancies or
unauthorised changes.

If you notice any fraudulent
transactions, immediately notify
your bank or financial institution.
They can help you investigate the
issue, block any unauthorised
access, and secure your accounts.

If you have substantial
evidence of PAN card misuse,
file a complaint with your local
police station. Provide them
with all the relevant details
and supporting documents.

Reach out to the Income Tax
Department’s customer service
helpline or visit their nearest
office to report the suspected
misuse of your PAN card.

To report PAN misuse, visit
the official portal of
TIN NSDL. Search for the
customer care section on
the home page, which will
open a drop-down menu.

+ + +

Open ‘Complaints/Queries’
from the drop-down menu.
Fill in the details required in
the complaint form. Enter
the Captcha code and click
on ‘Submit’.

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