7 Times Uorfi Javed Shocked Us With Her Fashion Sense

Uorfi Javed broke into the fashion scene and how!

The reality TV diva has become the talk of the town for her bold and bizarre style statements.

Now, is that an outfit made of actual hair? She wears it with just a pair of black underpants.

Uorfi brings her own twist to wearing florals for spring - by going topless with just a skirt made from fresh flowers!

Who knew that cloth clips can be worn as a stylish dress? Quite enterprising, must we say.

Uorfi puts her phone to good use - by converting them into a bralette worn with a chic pantsuit.

She leaves little to the imagination in this bold, skin-baring sequin bodycon dress.

A skirt made from watches, now who would have thought of this apart from Uorfi?

Why wear a complete dress when you simply wrap yourself in neon strings instead?

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