Aryan Khan

Makes Directorial Debut

Shah Rukh Khan's eldest, Aryan Khan, made his directorial debut with a high-energy ad.

The star kid studied Bachelor of Fine Arts, Cinematic Arts, Film and Television Production, at the School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California.

He had no plans of following his father’s footsteps into acting. Instead, he wanted to be behind the camera and work as a filmmaker.

Aryan has turned director for an ad for the luxury streetwear brand, D’yavol X.

And the icing on the cake, he has roped in his superstar dad.. SRK himself!

In the ad, a frustrated Aryan is seen working on coming up with the perfect logo or tagline.

Frustrated, he throws the chalk away and strikes a line through the board with red paint.

Soon, Shah Rukh walks into the screen and notices the board. He picks up the paintbrush and slashes another line across the red paint to make it look like a cross mark.

The ad marks Aryan Khan's entry into Bollywood.

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