Why 'BTS' Jin Is Called 'Worldwide Handsome'

Kim Seokjin aka Jin rocks this athleisure look in a still from the teaser of ‘Butter’ His impeccable looks speak volumes about his charm.

A beauty website called Andrey Beauty Studio had declared Kim Seokjin as the best looking man in the world last year.

 He is known among fans for his perfectly symmetrical oval face.

Jin's 'Worldwide Handsome Title' is not exaggerated at all.

Jin has been charming fans worldwide, thanks to his iconic windshield wiper laugh and endearing antics.

The BTS member impresses fans as he poses for the camera in this photo. 

In 2019, he was ranked as the overall 13th most popular idol and 6th among girls aged 13–19.

Jin is the oldest and the second tallest member of BTS.

Jin nails the classic coat-on-shirt look with a twist.

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